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Scent it + Sanitize it + Light it + Discover it.


Afrique Hand Sanitizer

With a convenient TSA approved size, there is no reason you can't sanitize on the go and smell great doing it.

Shou Sugi Ban, Duo Travel Set

This set contains a well scented Perfume and a Hand Sanitizer. Hand Sanitizers have been notoriously sticky and contrasting to your perfume in former years, but not anymore!  

Tokyo Duo Travel Set

The Duo Travel Set was carefully curated with the woman on the go in mind. Whether it's a few quick errands or a trip across the pond. You want to smell great doing it.


These candles have transformed my space into a cozy sanctuary. The scents are absolutely divine, and they burn beautifully. Highly recommend!


The moment I lit these candles, I was greeted by a heavenly aroma that instantly relaxed me. The packaging is elegant, and the long burn time is a fantastic bonus. These candles are a must-have!

Tita Rodriguez

I stumbled upon these candles online, and I'm so glad I did. The scents are unique and delightful, and they make my home feel like a luxurious spa.


Thank you again for all of the goodies along the way. Skindae has healed my skin AGAIN after a breakout last week.

Megan M.

The weight, texture, consistancy...I searched Sephora & Ultra for something similar and just could not find it. This is an incredible product. I even used it as a base before applying my make-up and my foundation never looked so natural!

Paige S.